Debunking the Myths about Having a Small Penis

Penis size is one of those things that can shatter the self esteem of even the most confident man. Thankfully, you’ve got us! We’ve gathered together all of the most common myths about small penises specifically so we can debunk them for you!

small-penisMyth 1: My penis is smaller than average.

This myth really depends on what you’re using as your basis for comparison. In spite of what your porn collection may have taught you, the global average for penis length is actually about 5.5”. Even most porn stars don’t generally have an erect length of more than 7” or so. Do you want to know the trick to those enormous porn penises that you see?

Stunt doubles and camera angles.

Myth 2: Women want men with big penises.

Not necessarily, and no, we’re not using porn stars as a basis for comparison again. When you’re addressing this myth, you need to keep two things in mind.

  1. The average vagina is usually only 3-4 inches deep. While it does elongate when the woman is aroused, that still only tops out at 6-8 inches.
  2. The vagina is ‘capped’ for lack of a better term by the cervix.

We don’t know about the women you’ve been sleeping with, but most don’t like having their cervix poked. Not only is it uncomfortable during sex, but it can cause cramping and even bleeding or spotting afterward, depending on the roughness of the intercourse.

Most women actually prefer an average length thick penis to one that is going to try and knock their cervix up into their ribcage.

no-sex-pleasureMyth 3: Sex isn’t as pleasurable, for me or her, with a small penis.

Not at all! This is one of the biggest myths that keeps men with average or less than average penises from heading into the bedroom. There are dozens of positions that are ideal for men with smaller penises, such as:

  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Doggy style
  • Spooning
  • Curled Angel (or Sexy Spoon)

And many more.

As an added bonus, the g-spot (the spot that needs to be stimulated for vaginal orgasm) is usually located 2-3 inches within the vagina. All of these positions, while ideal for men with smaller penises are perfect for g-spot stimulation, making it just as satisfying for her as it is for him.

Myth 4: A small penis limits my options in the bedroom.

A small penis will only limit your options if you let it. Try putting yourself in your lady’s shoes for a moment.

Say you want to try something new in the bedroom, like anal sex. Would you be more likely to try it with:

  1. The porn star next door with a 9” erect penis, or
  2. The man with the average sized 5.5” penis.

For most people, especially when trying something new, they’re going to choose the option that is safe.

And remember….sex is not all about penetration. There are dozens of erogenous zones on the human body, and the vagina is only one. These zones may vary from person to person, so spend some time learning exactly how to please your partner without penetration, and your penis size won’t matter at all.

Myth 5: I can increase the size of my penis.


There are thousands of companies that prey on people who believe this myth. There are some ways to increase the size of your penis, but they can be invasive and painful, and often don’t work. Even surgery, which is the only guaranteed successful way to increase the size of your penis, usually only adds about 1” to your length.


When it comes right down to it, penis size means nothing. What matters is your confidence in yourself and in your ability to please your partner. Confidence is sexy, after all, and if you’ve got that, then everything else will fall into place. Don’t let a ‘small’ or average sized penis keep you out of the bedroom!