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What to Do About a Penis Curvature

How to overcome the inconvenience of a curved penis.

Any man who has a penis curvature has likely looked into ways to correct the problem and been confounded as to which methods would actually work. Since it’s estimated that some 4% of the male population has a bent penis, there is a whole online industry made up of different companies hawking products that they claim will fix a penis curvature permanently. The fact of the matter is that there are solutions for straightening a bent penis and in this article we’ll take a look at the most effective methods that are currently out there.

What Causes a Bent Penis?

curved-penisA curvature in the penis is most often caused by nonsymmetrical tissue in the shaft, which results in one side not being able to stretch out as fully during an erection, which is when most curves are their most pronounced. A bent penis, on the other hand, is normally more severe than a curvature and it will usually indicate more scarring of the penile tissue. This is referred to as Peyronie’s disease and will often result in erections that are painful as well as in difficulties having sex.

There are some behaviors that are thought to be a possible cause for a curved penis, including wearing restrictive clothing and always masturbating with the same hand, but doctors haven’t ruled out factors like genetics or repeated injury to the penis either.  A penis curvature can happen at any age, though it does seem to occur in younger men more often. Oddly, the phenomenon can occur with no evident cause and it can, just as strangely and less commonly, reverse itself with no treatment whatsoever.

Most men will land on one of the following options for correcting their penis curvature, which can vary widely by cost, comfort level and time needed for full recovery.

penis-surgerySurgical Options

There are surgeries available that will even out the amount of skin and tissue on both side of the penis, thereby correcting the curve. Most men do consider this to be an option of last resort however, due to the fact that it is costly, painful and likely to reduce the size of their penis in the end. Another factor to take into consideration is that if the root of the problem hasn’t been remedied or if the curvature of your penis is still increasing, most doctors will not perform the surgery, as the bend could reappear later on. The typical recovery time for these types of surgeries may range from a couple of weeks to a few months.

Surgical Options Are:

  • The most expensive way to go
  • Fairly effective for straightening severe bends
  • Considered a risky last resort by most physicians

penis-traction-deviceTraction Devices

High-quality traction devices can be found online at very reasonable prices and they have shown promising results when it comes to straightening out a bent penis with time. These gadgets are often referred to as penis stretchers since they also work to develop bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections. Because they are designed to work gradually over the course of many weeks, there’s no downtime when you use traction like there so often is for surgery. In fact, many of the men who opt to use a penis stretcher to straighten their penis give the tool good reviews for working well while causing little to no soreness. Depending on how severe the curve in your penis is, a traction device could take anywhere from several weeks to several months in order to fully correct the problem.

Traction Devices Can:

  • Straighten out penis curvature
  • Help to develop a larger erection at the same time
  • Encourage longer-lasting erections as well

penis-pumpPenis Pumps

Penis pumps are another popular option for those who are trying to straighten their dick. The most modern versions of these devices use water to create a vacuum seal around the shaft of the penis and the user can increase the pressure to their own comfort level simply by pumping the cylinder on their penis a few times.  Again, this method can take time and it must be used on a consistent basis in order to be effective, but it is also very cost-effective and requires no recovery time from users at all.

Why shoudl you chooce a penis pump?

  • Penis pumps are one of the least expensive treatments available
  • Easy to use and comfortable for most men
  • Highly-rated by users for how effective they are




Penis Stretcher: Size Increase or Expensive Placebo?

Men can be sensitive about their looks, their attitude, or their possessions, but the one thing that strikes a nerve the most with the male gender is when you start talking about the size of their penis. manIn response to that sensitivity, and the fact that many men are unhappy with the size of their genitals, many companies have put products on the market that claim to increase the overall size of the penis. Unfortunately, most of them don’t work or have extremely unpleasant side effects.

  • Pills have side effects and don’t provide permanent results.
  • Pumps or vacuum tubes can damage the penis, preventing erections.
  • Surgery, while effective in adding length, can actually destroy sensitive and cause the patient to lose the ability to become erect.

The only proven non-surgical method for increasing the length and girth of the penis is known as penis stretching. We’ll discuss what this method is, what it entails, and its potential in a moment.

penis-stretcherWhat is a Penis Stretcher?

“Penis stretcher” sounds like a medieval torture device, but it is anything but a good, medical grade penis extender is known as a ‘penile traction device’ and it is designed to put constant tension on the penis.

In many ways, it is similar to working out to build muscles throughout your body. Much of that ache that you feel after lifting weights or running is the result of micro tears throughout your muscles. As these heal, they generate new muscle tissue, increasing the overall mass of your muscles.

Penile traction devices you may find online work in much the same way. By putting a constant gentle tension on the penis, it causes painless micro tears in the tissue. As these heal, it creates new tissue, increasing the overall length and girth of the penis.

What about Weights?

Most medical grade traction devices will not require the use of weights for stretching. This is for two primary reasons:

  1. Weights have to dangle beneath the penis. If you move around, it can cause them to shift, putting uneven tension on the tissue and even possibly causing damage.
  2. It’s impossible to tell the kind of tension that your skin can take. What would amount to a small weight for one person could cause tears or tissue damage in someone else.

You can find sets that claim to be penis stretchers that utilize weights, but these are more often sold for personal pleasure rather than for actual penis enlargement.

What does penis stretching entail?

If you’re using a medical grade penis stretcher, the process is fairly simple. All you do is install the traction device, according to the instructions, and wear it for as long as is comfortable. It’s as simple as that.

Most traction devices will attach in two places, just below the base and the head of the penis. Once it is installed, you will be able to adjust the tension to a comfortable level.

Things to look out for

First, never wear a penis stretcher if it becomes painful. If you start experiencing any pain or discomfort beyond the standard tension of the penis as it is being stretched, take it off immediately. It may feel odd at first, before you get used to the stretching sensation, but it should never be painful.

Second, don’t buy the cheapest penis stretcher that you can find. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for. Cheap extenders often break easily, provide inconstant tension, or can actually cause injury. A good quality penile traction device should probably cost you around $200.

penis-stretching-resultSo, do they work?

When it comes right down to it, do penis stretchers work? In a word: Yes. In more than one word: Yes, but don’t expect to see immediate results. Using medical grade penile traction devices is the best and in many cases the only way to actually increase penis size without resorting to invasive and possibly ineffective surgeries. That said, though, it does not work quickly.

Most people who reported positive results didn’t start seeing those results for 3-6 months. The best thing about using a stretcher instead of some of the other types of ‘penis enlargement’ is that the results, once obtained, are permanent.


If you’re not happy with the penis size that you currently have, don’t worry. You don’t have to resort to nasty, invasive, and expensive surgery to increase the length and girth of your penis. Invest in a penis stretcher and in a few months’ time you will see the results you’ve been craving.